AI-driven technology to transform Oil & Gas companies into Smart Enterprises

Highly volatile prices, increasingly stringent HSE regulations and worsening fiscal deficits make the Oil & Gas field of the future challenging and complicated.

The industry is going through a major disruption and we, at BCT, offer technological solutions to address the micro and macro challenges of the sector.

Midstream solutions

We offer large-scale mission-critical applications (link to CueTrans page) for oil and gas companies delivering immense value, productivity and efficiency through Transport Management, In-Vehicle Monitoring, Rig Movement and Journey Management. We provide fourth-party logistics (4PL) services to leading land-based Oil & Gas companies and help bring about reduction in the overall logistics costs while minimizing end-to-end rig move time enhancing operational efficiency and raising the levels of Health Safety Environment (HSE) compliance and performance.

Upstream solutions

Our advanced analytics products help Oil & Gas companies achieve superior performance by using real-time data (link to from various types of sources to provide intelligent business insights. We help Oil & Gas companies streamline operations, comply with regulations and drive profits by seamlessly integrating information flow and intelligence from Oil & Gas assets to operations, maintenance, and trading systems.

Oil marketing/transportation

We also help oil marketing companies to track customer complaints / feedback and enhance customer satisfaction and increase revenue.

Our digital transformation solutions for Oil & Gas span from Exploration and Production to Retailing. For Exploration and Production, we offer digital solutions in the areas of Supply Chain Optimization, Geo Data Management and Digital Asset Analytics. Under Retail Supply Chain, we offer solutions in the areas of Fuel Station Automation and Supply Chain Planning & Delivery Management. For O&G Retailing, we offer solutions in the areas of social, feedback and complaint management.

Comquest Solution for Oil & Gas